We provide a reliable and

Easy-to-use money transfer service

using blockchain technology.

Since May 2015, BluepanNet Processed More than $60M Remittance For Migrant Workers in Asia.

The Largest Blockchain-Enabled Remittance Company in the World

About Us

World Remittance Market

The global remittance volume was $582 billion in 2014 (World Bank), mostly from from developed countries to developing ones.

China received $64 billion, Philippines $28 billion, Mexico $25 billion, and Vietnam $11 billion.

Remittances account for a significant chunk of GDPs in some countries. In Philippines and Vietnam, remittances account for 10% and 6% of GDP respectively.

Remittance Fees

A Huge Burden for Migrant Workers (Data: The World Bank)

Remittances have the potential to lift families out of poverty.
They also sustain growth and development in emerging markets.
But the inefficiencies in today’s remittance system drain away much of their potential benefit,
putting a heavy burden on migrants, families, and on the development process.

  • Globally, there are 215 million migrant workers,

    or 3% of the world’s population. They spend $47bn in remittance fees annually, which is 5x India’s education budget, 14x South Africa’s healthcare budget, and the entire GDP of Kenya.
  • They are often charged exorbitant fees

    sometimes up to 20% for $200 remittance - A punishing burden for poor migrants. To their families in home countries, $40 means 4-day income (in case of Philippines).
  • Bringing remittance prices down to 5%,

    which is what the G20 are targeting under the World Bank initiative, could deliver more than $15 billion in cost savings for migrant workers and their families.

BluepanNet (formerly Bluepan) was launched in 2015

Its goal is to disrupt the entire global remittance market with blockchain technology.
We believe that our remittance technology can help migrant workers and
small business owners save remittance transaction fees significantly. As a result, BluepanNet helps migrant workers, their families, and their countries prosper.

Our Mission

  • Provide best pricing for our remittance service.
  • Maintain the highest level of security standards.
  • Protect our customer information to the fullest extent.
  • Appreciate our customer's effort to support their families through remittance.

Remittance Corridors

BluepanNet plans to expand to other countries all over the world.

Our Remittance Cost Matrix (Real Time Data)

Korea KRW

Philippines PHP

China CNY
BluepanNet Rate
Bank Rate
BluepanNet Rate
Bank Rate
BluepanNet Rate
Bank Rate
BluepanNet Rate
Bank Rate
BluepanNet Rate
Bank Rate
BluepanNet Rate
Bank Rate

Click on each remittance corridor box for real time information

When the 1,000,000 KRW send to China.
BluepanNet 1.1% 1.1%
Local Banks 1.1% + α 1.1% + α

How Competitive is Bluepan’s Remittance Business Model

  • Strong Remittance Network

    BluepanNet has successfully built cohesive remittance network in major corridors which are the strongest competitive edge over its peers.

  • Lowest Fee

    Bluepan’s remittance website shows a table that compares its total remittance fee with those of competitors in real time. (0~3.08% vs 5.24~6.2%+ other charges)

  • Faster Service

    BluepanNet completes all remittance transactions during the same day. It takes local banks 2-5 days.

  • 10-Minute Pay-Out

    For emergency remittance needs, a customer (sender) can have the beneficiary receive the fund within 10 minutes via Bluepan’s express pay-out service.

Our Team

  • Chief Executive Officer

    Dongwook Seo

  • Chief Executive Officer

    Chansoo Ahn

  • Senior Software Engineer

    Paul Vincent S. Contreras

  • Manager of China Remittance Business

    Yuchao Li

  • Manager of Philippines Remittance Business

    Aileen P. Mulintapang

  • Manager of Philippines Remittance Business

    Remy P. Lobos

  • Assistant Manager of Philippines Remittance Business

    Sigay M. Sanchez

  • Manager of Vietnam Remittance Business

    Pham Thuy Linh Tho




Our Advisors

  • Advisor

    Sanghyun Lee

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    6F Pureun Bldg,
    581 Gangnam-daero,
    Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea

  • Payphil Outlet

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  • China Subsidary

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Payphil Outlet

The first floor, 267, Changgyeonggung-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea

China Subsidary

(No 1-20-11)128-1 Haerbin Road, Shenhe District, Shenyang City, Liaoning Province, China